Finalizing the Regional MPA Monitoring Protocol

April 13, 2012, PICRC, CNMI.

A combined workshop was held February 6-9, 2012 in Korror, Palau, or the Coral Reef Monitoring and 4th MC Measures Group Workshop (2nd Marine Measures Working Group Meeting)


Funded by Micronesia Conservation Trust and The Nature Conservancy for the benefit of Micronesia Challenge, this booklet is a must for facilitators. Click here to download the pdf at

A toolkit designed to motivate and educate! Check out how the project evolved in the project report created by Micronesia Conservation Trust.

News from the field

We have recently incorporated the work of The Plants and People of Micronesia Program which is a joint effort by the New York Botanical Garden, the Micronesia Office of The Nature Conservancy, The Conservation Society of Pohnpei, the Kosrae Conservation and Safety Organization, and The Belau (Palau) National Museum, College of Micronesia, FSM, The Continuum Center for Health and Healing at Beth Israel Medical Center, The National Tropical Botanical Garden, as well as the Traditional Leaders and local governments on each island.

Read more about this program here and be sure to peruse related articles in the Palau and FSM reference tabs. Photo: Plant collecting in Kosrae (New York Botanical Garden)